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It is now an undisputed fact that the economies of the European Union are in desperate need of labor. Although estimates of the number of missing workers vary from hundreds of thousands to a several million across the EU, employers are struggling to fill various positions from basic unskilled to those requiring sophisticated qualifications and extensive experience. This often leads to desperate and sometimes questionable practices in order to secure staff or simply put off the problem until the next expected downturn in the economy or the need is no longer relevant.

presents its solution

kurumi presents its individualized solution - we formulate a plan based on detailed knowledge of client's recruitment objectives within required time lines and take into account the client's particular business culture.

We have a simple moto "We deliver on our promises".

We undertake kurumi recruitmentSM to be:
All our practices are 100% legal, in full conformity with the local legislation and that of the host country in the EU. No corners are cut, ever.
Not only employment within the EU but also the recruitment process itself must conform to a high ethical standard at every step along the way from sourcing of candidates to the point where the workers are onboarding with their employer.
Our way of doing things is for our clients have access online to information which will at any given time keep users informed of the precise status of each prospective employee who is undergoing the process and which is detailed and user friendly- down to the last detail for each applicant as to the precise step in the process and the next step as well as flagging any issues raised regarding that candidate.
"No job is either too small or too big" . We will happily take on challenging and interesting assignments and work to achieve the best possible outcome for all of our clients, regardless of the size of the clients business or the size of a clients order. The very same level of care and professionalism will be applied to recruit a solitary chef for a boutique sushi outlet as will be applied to fill an order of a hundred or more workers to establish perhaps the backbone of a client's strategic operation.
we enjoy all aspects of the recruitment process. Engaging with people of different diverse backgrounds makes this job very interesting and personally rewarding.
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